July 18, 2007

to fight


nothing worth having comes without some kind of a fight. we are fighting. life is worth fighting for. friendship is worth fighting for. justice. truth. hope. love is worth fighting for. a treasure is only a treasure because it's hard to find. we are on a journey to fight for the hearts and minds of the depressed and lonely young people of this country. a journey to fight for the church and the embarrassingly sad state that it is in now. a journey to fight for justice and righteousness to become precedent in this country. a journey to see the end of abortion; a legal procedure that is killing off the next generation. 

i am witness to the redeemed life of one norma mcorvey. she may be more well known as jane roe from roe vs. wade 1973....the case that gave legal permission to medical experts to remove live babies from their mother's wombs in the united states of america. jane roe (or norma mcorvey) has been saved by the blood of Jesus and her redeemed life is now spent fighting to overturn that decision. i met her. she hugged and kissed me and told me i was cute. she called me a survivor because i was born in 1981, when abortion was legal; is still legal now. i have at least 3 friends who really are survivors...their mother's were visited by the Lord or an angel while they were on the table at an abortion clinic. survivors. i am proud that this is a fight we get to participate in. to save lives. is it controversial? is it risky? do pro-lifers have a chance? yes. yes. yes. we put our hope in the Lord, not in man. only the Lord can overturn an injustice such as this. not politics. not the church. not boisterous and emotional protests. i stood outside George Tiller's abortion clinic labeled "Women's Health Services" and cried. 65,000 babies. i have no protest. i don't believe in yelling about it. i don't agree with the giant posters of dead babies. i just cry. the lonely chimney loomed atop the clinic, black with the ashes of 65,000 lives. i cried. my brothers and sisters. most were 7 and 8 months old in their mother's wombs. i cry. Lord help us. you are our only hope. resurrect my heart. save my nation. save my brothers and sisters. our minds, our marriages, our families, our friendships, our churches, our health, our rv generators, our youth, our babies. nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight.