August 5, 2008

the hope of glory

having no good of myself and knowing that the only thing that separates me from anyone else is GRACE, the Lord says that Christ in ME is the hope of glory.  i feel the urge to remind myself of this scripture today and maybe for each day this week.  it is nothing that i do or don't do, it is simply Christ in me.  what a crazy concept.  it's surrender and trust and just believing these words everyday that can make things much less complex.  we are all looking for hope....

currently i house not only the King of Kings, but also my wee baby growing in my womb.  these both are the hope of glory.  oh to be a vessel.  i am so honored and so humbled by this experience.  i remind myself today that Christ in me is the hope of glory......may i begin to grasp it's meaning.

August 2, 2008

depths and lengths

there are times when i am so aware of the love of the Lord that it completely overwhelms me.  last night we stopped into one of the ongoing Morningstar break-out meetings, and as i took in the elements of the natural and supernatural, i was suddenly overwhelmed with the love of God for each person there.  we are all so hungry and so lost and so desperate....and Father loves each of us with a deep, intimate, sweetness that could only come from Him.  

Heidi Baker says if you're hungry enough you will do anything.  the Lord will meet us.  it is His good pleasure to give us the desires of our hearts.  i am thankful for the revelation He gave me last night.  it sits well on my heart today, and has given me new eyes to see each person as His; messes, scabs, wounds, walls and all.  Oh how He loves us.  the depths and lenths of it we will never truly know.