November 8, 2005

mysteriously romanced

i sit here in amazement of what actually just has happened to me.  we know not the ways of the Lord.  He is constantly surprising me and completely blowing my mind.  this moment....right now being the latest and most personally profound.

i just arrived home from a long teacher workday involving report cards and parent-teacher conferences.  8:30-5:00  it was especially difficult due to one conference which turned out to be Rocky part IV.  after it all, and having explained to my friend monika that we both just needed to go home, take hot baths and say words like "damn", i left the building.

home was dark but warm.  i let the dog out and unpacked my lap-top.  i was getting ready to draw my bath and read my book "Captivating", when i decided to check the mail. 

junk....junk.....junk.....bills....missing children.....wrong address......bills......long, brown tube.......addressed to full name.....jessica marie mathis.  no return address.  weird.  sent from Fort Collins, CO on November 5th, 2005.     $0.60 postage.  i shake it.  no sound.  weird.  the ends were taped with masking tape.  i began un-taping one end.  then pulled out a ball of white tissue paper at the open end.  i looked in.  darkness.......i didn't see anything.  i turned it upside down.  nothing came out.  so weird.  i placed my hand in and felt something soft.  i grasped it between my fingers and pulled gently.  to my amazement out came a long, slender, shimmery blue feather.  what a mystery.  but wait......more!  i slid my fingers back into the brown tube and retrieved another!  this one long, thicker, brown and white.  again i pulled out another!  six long, beautiful feathers 4 blue, 2 brown and white lay on my table.  with the last pull of the last feather..............a note.  a small, yellow sticky note.

God Knows!

that was it.  what ensued thereafter is as follows:  weeping, laughing, weeping, staring at the mysterious brown tube, laughing, praising, weeping, so much laughing.....and now sharing this story.  my Jesus is so personal and so real and so in love.....with me!  if you know me.....then you are aware of the impact this event is having on me.  and for the record.  i don't know anyone in Fort Collins, CO. 

if this confuses/amazes/dumbfounds you, please do the following: 1. ask me about why this is so incredibly amazing.....2. check out psalm 91 

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